Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

Timothy J. Babineau President and CEO Lifespan

In a slight departure from the usual format, Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute sits down with Tim Babineau, MD, President and CEO of Lifespan, Rhode Island’s largest health system, to discuss a single issue facing every medical provider in the country. Tom and Tim reflect on some of the contributing factors behind the national health care labor shortage, the implications for service and eventually patient safety, and the heart-wrenching toll on the current workforce. Dr. Babineau examines the situation with an extraordinary blend of compassion and concern. You’ll find the conversation riveting. 


Guest speaker:

Timothy J. Babineau, MD, MBA, FACS

President and CEO




Tom Robertson

Executive Director

Vizient Research Institute


Show Notes:

[01:27] Health care staffing shortage at a “crisis” level

[2:07] Health care professionals frustrated because they cannot meet the patient demand

[5:51] Staff vacancies at Lifespan have tripled within the last 12 months

[7:30] Work environment has become incredibly stressful, and burnout rate has “gone through the roof.” Dedicated health care professionals with decades of experience are quitting.

[9:30] Society monetarily undervalues health care workers

[10:50] 21 months of constant stress is a huge mental health burden on health care workers and their families

[12:21] Tim’s advice: take care of yourself and stay healthy so you don’t need to go to the hospital. If you do go to the hospital, please be kind to the caregivers there.

[13:36] It’s going to take a national conversation to find a solution, market specific strategies are not working

[14:53] Need to make the health care profession more attractive with innovative models of care where people can work at the top of their license

[15:52] Need to rethink health care as a common good

[19:48] Pandemic has exposed inadequacies and vulnerabilities in a market-based approach in health care

[22:13] Disparities of care


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