Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Mark Laret Retired President & CEO, UCSF Health

Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute is joined by Mark Laret, retired CEO of UCSF Health in San Francisco. Prior to his distinguished tenure at UCSF, Mark was CEO of UC Irvine Medical Center. He began his career at his alma mater, UCLA. Mark reflects on his career, which began in the early days of managed care. He describes the emotions involved in retiring, and the two long-time friends share their thoughts on what the future might hold.


Guest speaker:
Mark Laret
Retired President and CEO
UCSF Health
Tom Robertson
Executive Director
Vizient Research Institute


Show Notes:

[01:11] Rationale for consolidation in health care

[2:27] Merging health organizations may have very different cultures and it will take effort to align those differences

[5:55] A lot of decisions are made to back programs that support patient care, but it’s a struggle

[7:10] Biggest surprise is that health care is not fully capitated

[10:40] Proudest moments  

[15:13] Site of service differential payments makes no sense to anyone outside of health care, but it was a mechanism for solving a problem that hospitals had serving the underserved, and not being reimbursed for them

[17:32] Need to maintain the best parts of the market-based system, but reprioritize access and eliminate health disparities

[18:28] Decisions not proud of almost always come back to whether or not we did enough to service patients

[10:19] Our goals need to be how to improve the health of the communities that we serve, and how we make payroll and cover the cost of new drugs and supplies


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