Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Kathy Parrinello, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center

Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute, is joined by Kathy Parrinello, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the University of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital. The conversation centers around what Kathy describes as a feeling of moral distress among health care professionals when systemic barriers prevent them from providing everything needed by their patients. Brought into clearer focus by the pandemic, but not caused by it, were health care disparities – both access and experiential – that have been building for decades. The discussion explores the role of the traditional financing system in fostering such disparities and closes with Kathy's thoughts related to the challenges posed by the labor shortage.


Guest speaker:
Kathy Parrinello, RN, PhD, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center 


Tom Robertson
Executive Director
Vizient Research Institute 


Show Notes:

[00:32] Clinician felt moral distress during the pandemic because of health disparities, community mistrust, staffing shortages, inadequate insurance coverage, etc.   

[06:00] Healthcare has changed since COVID, but it isn’t all due to the disease but rather a factor of post-traumatic stress and supporting clinicians leaving healthcare

[09:27] Healthcare systems rely on surgeries for their financial health. The pandemic’s cancellation of “elective” surgeries exposed the vulnerabilities of that system, and a reevaluation of the term “elective” vs. “scheduled” surgeries.

[13:42] Experiential disparities

[18:40] Labor shortages

[22:42] Using community partners to help with patients with social determinants of health


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