David Entwistle, President and CEO Stanford Health Care (Part 2)

Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute sits down with Stanford’s president and CEO, David Entwistle for a second time. Tom and David shift from operations to health care finance and contemplate how things may change in the future.


Guest speaker:

David Entwistle

President and CEO

Stanford Health Care



Tom Robertson

Executive Director

Vizient Research Institute


Show Notes:

[01:16] Group practices with a collection of specialists that provide a one stop shop that considers the whole patient

[02:09] Group specialty practices help you to remain competitive, manage care and costs

[03:44] One of the biggest cost drivers is the variation of care  

[04:24] The ability to reduce the avoidable variation will help reduce costs

[04:37] Creating transparency of the variation data is monumental. Show physicians how they treated the same patient with the same diagnosis

[05:15] Have to look at large data sets to show a true variation difference that’s controllable to create a better-quality experience and lower costs

[05:32] To make movement in variation, you can’t just go after the costs. You have to show it’s a better outcome and start with quality or it won’t be successful.

[06:47] To make the change, you have to ask how do you create the best outcome? Once you apply the data to the outcome, then the costs come down.

[07:24] Scenario: if all-payers pay the same. How would you think differently – operationally and strategically?

[08:42] All patients are treated equally. It wouldn’t change anything operationally.

[09:30] Strategically: Think how much we spend to be attractive to commercial insurance companies that are funding the private to public payer subsidy, there are nuances that collectively make a difference.

[10:00] Margins produced in academics are different because they are funding research and teaching.

[11:46] Examples of how career paths are evolving today


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David Entwistle’s biographical description  (Click Here)


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