Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Bryce Gartland, Hospital Group President, Co-Chief of Clinical Operations, Emory Healthcare

Tom Robertson, Executive Director of the Vizient Research Institute, is joined by Dr. Bryce Gartland, Hospital Group President and Co-Chief of Clinical Operations for Emory Healthcare. The conversation opens with an examination of the challenges health systems face when trying to standardize clinical practices across multiple institutions and cultures. Bryce and Tom then discuss the role of the traditional payment system in creating economic pressure on providers to establish and maintain low-volume surgical programs and share an aspiration for a new reimbursement system – a more sustainable model that would enable providers to be more innovative in attacking the medical manifestations of social determinants of health. They close with a shared view of the potential for healthy seniors to contribute to a new approach to elder care.


Guest speaker:
Bryce Gartland, MD
Hospital Group President and Co-Chief of Clinical Operations
Emory Healthcare 
Tom Robertson
Executive Director
Vizient Research Institute 


Show Notes:

[00:34] How to standardize intra-system variation of resource consumption  

[03:08] Workforce burden – how do we work smarter, not harder

[03:48] Mergers and acquisitions come with commitments to services and practices within the facility or community

[04:23] Emory’s successes in standardization for care

[07:59] Reimbursement payment systems for care and surgical procedures

[13:09] Price disparities and health disparities

[13:47] Covid pandemic was a great accelerator that exposed care vulnerabilities and reimbursement system flaws

[17:57] Social determinants of health

[20:25] ‘Elder Corps’ concept


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